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its not for you but you can have it


released January 11, 2014

Benjamin Balo Scott
Samuel James Salazar



all rights reserved


BALO Yellow Springs, Ohio

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Track Name: Benjamin Balo Scott and Samuel James Salazar in, "Black, You Look Like Knives."
hearts are broken
and mothers call help
an angry boy yells more

i have not spoken
no i have not spoken

my hearts broken
and i want to help
but im the angry boy watching all the people turn to pulp

and i have not spoken
i have not spoken

call me up, call me down
do with me what you will, but will you wait a while?
Stand still because in black you look like knives.
in black you look like knives
and black, you look like knives

all the other colors turn their backs
in gold you give me all the love i lack

oh lackluster girl out the window
waiting to smoke pot with me
i love you more than you know
i love you more than you see

but i have not spoken
and i will not speak
Track Name: kiss u thin
Eternal september
oh anxious june
stay in november
dont leave too soon

oh jupiter
leave us longing to
look at her
oh jupiter
who I belong to

oh jupiter
oh endless june

shes the one that thinks im cute
shes the one I hurt to see
shes the one that makes my eyes bug out; go blurry

she makes me move my head
she beats my broken heart
she lifts the corners of my mouth

she makes me shake my feet
she is my missing part
she sits alone with me on the couch

I know whats often said
she moves from north to south
she is the love that i'm allowed

take my body make it solid light
make my person like a wall of white

we can be friends with the past

heaven help me im the devil
am I a heart throb

stretch me out
ill get you in
stretch me out
ill kiss you thin